Radius Forming Dies

Forming a radius on a sheet having a preformed return flange is accomplished by die set SRD6-7 provided there is a short flat distance between return flange and end of radius.
If return flange falls on end of radius, die set SRD8-9 must be used and return flange must be preformed to an angle less than 90 Degree
Out turned flanges on radius bends can be formed with radius in one stroke if spring back is not too great.

Dies SRD0-1 are a form fitting radius die set with spring back allowance built in. It is recommended for only one type and gauge of material for true accuracy.
Die set SRD4-5 is used to radius the edge of a sheet prior to a rolling operation, thus eliminating the flat ends normally encountered.
On light gauges, where kinking is a problem, die set SRD2-3 is recommended. The spring pad will prevent initial break-down of stock.
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