Offset Dies

The size of an offset is always measured from the inside to outside of the sheet.
The tonnage rquired for an offset bend is about three times that of a single bend (with the
ratio of offset to stock thickness at about 6:1) Where the ratio is less than 6:1, considerably
higher tonnage would be required.
For forming offsets equal to thickness, on light guage metals, the bent angle would be over 90°.
For forming offsets having a ratio of 10 times metal thickness, the die opening becomes
quite large and there will be bulging or thickening of the metal at the radius. Reducing of this bulging is possible by coining. Normally, offset dies should be limited to a maximum of 1¼".
135° Offset Die Set
For situations where enough tonnage is not available for forming sharper offsets.
Available in different sizes.
Can be used for different guages, limited only by the capacity of the machine.
Metal Thickness Offset Die Set :
Recommended for metal thickness upto 14 GA. (for spot welded flush lap joints)

Small Offset Die Set:
For forming sharp offsets of 1/16" to 3/16" in light guage metals of upto 18 GA.
Can be used in situations where the offset is far from the edge of sheet, where a heeled type offset die cannot be used.

Offset Dies
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