Curling Dies

Die set SCU4-5 and SCU6-7 form a curl over a wire core or mandrel in three operations.
There will be a slight flat on curl along the closing edge for both types shown on this page.
Closed curls of ½" inside diameter and larger be produced in die set SCU0-1 and SCU2-3 in
three strokes. Open curls upto 200 degrees can be produced in die set SCU0-1 alone, in 2 operations

Die set SCU12-13 and SCU14-15 produce the tightest and roundest curl that can be formed
in two strokes within the range of 3/16" to 3/4" inside diemeter. Dies can be mounted side
by side for progressive forming if press has sufficient length. In forming heavy gauge material,
it is advisable to add a tool steel insert.
Die set SCU4C-5C produces an on-center curl in an extra stroke. Roundness of on-center curl becomes somewhat distorted unless a mandrel is used in last operation.
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