About us

We are a Press Brake Tooling manufacturing Company, located in Addison, IL, USA,
(a suburb of Chicago) with more than 20 years experience in HIGH PERFORMANCE PRESS BRAKE TOOLING. We have facilities to machine any kind of Press Brake Dies up to 30 Ft. in length.

All of our general purpose tooling are made of pre-hardened chrome-carbon brake die steel, having an excellent combination of strength, wear-resistance and toughness, heat treated to a mean 255-285 Brinnell hardness (or 24-31 Rockwell C) throughout.

This through hardened grade of brake die steel is time-proven to have the best combination of properties for making general purpose Press Brake Dies, offering several advantages. These can be cut into smaller sections by using horizontal band saws, or can be re-machined to re-furbish the working edges or milled to provide pockets or relief.

We are the only Company in the world that manufacture both steel and Urethane Tooling for Press Brakes. Since we manufacture both steel and Urethane tooling, we would recommend either of these or a combination tooling, that would work best for the customer's application, without prejudice.

Over the last 20 years, we have developed some unique radius bending tooling that are not available from any of our competitors.

With a 400 ton Press Brake used for trying out the custom tooling that we design and build, we send samples of formed parts with the tooling.

We differentiate ourselves by being an engineering oriented company, with real Mechanical Engineers designing the tools (unlike many of our competitors, who use high school graduates or drop-outs to do the designs and are self-proclaimed Mechanical Engineers). We design and manufacture all the tooling that we sell, unlike some of our competitors who resell the tools.

We deal with a large number of the most complicated types of Custom Die designs, which our competitors would not even consider.

For any your requirements do write us at info@pbtoolings.com or call us at (630) 543-6702,

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